Introducing the "In Your Element" Series featuring some of our favorite relatable ladies (think ABLE staff, content creators, artists, you name it!). Stay tuned for honest chats about their everyday lives, how things are going lately, and all the good and bad in between.


Meet Shealeen– Artist and plant enthusiast, based in Corrales, New Mexico.

When do you feel most in your element?

When I’m in my studio painting, or when I’m rearranging plants and furniture in our home. 


What are some things you’re into lately or inspired by?

I’ve been really diving into creating on YouTube lately, it’s my newest endeavor, and I’ve really been enjoying creating art process videos and sharing them there. 


The blooming plant life around us has also been a HUGE source of joy and inspiration lately. We live in the New Mexico high desert, and although plants don’t grow in abundance out here, they’re all the more appreciated and beautiful to me, because of their scarcity. I’ve been especially loving the cactus blooms! I have a giant folder on my phone filled with plants and flowers I've snapped photos of that I’d love to paint one day!


How are you doing? No really, how are you doing? 

In my heart, I believe that all will be well. But, that doesn’t change the face that, at times, I can definitely feel overwhelmed and saddened by the uncertainty, pain, and things I don’t understand happening around me. I often have to remind myself that although I’m not in control of anything that happens in this world, I can control my own response to it, and that’s huge.


Daily walks with my husband, limiting my time on social media, mornings spent praying + journaling, and hugging my dogs 100 times a day is my recipe for keeping the peace and good vibes flowing in my life. 


June 19, 2020 — ABLE Accounting
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