Able Empowers Women

Our Purpose

ABLE exists to create better opportunities for women. Did you know that women make up 80% of the workers in the fashion industry? In an industry that has become (in)famous for poor working conditions and pay, ABLE has seen firsthand how much our community of customers cares about providing high-quality jobs, living wages and safe working conditions for the people making their pieces. We work to create safe, dignified jobs both in Nashville, where our home office, jewelry studio and fulfillment center are, and also around the world, through our partnerships with value-aligned manufacturers. We know that together with our customers, we can Move Fashion Forward and show the positive change possible when brands and customers value both the customer and the worker.

Our People

At our home office in Nashville, the ABLE staff is made up of 96% women, and we work with incredible manufacturers all over the world, many of which are owned or operated by women. We choose our manufacturers not only for the top-quality product they make, but also their wage levels and specifically their care for women in the workplace. We were the first brand to publish our lowest wages, and we’re big believers that you don’t have to be perfect before you can be honest. We are continuing to work toward living wages at all our manufacturers, and currently evolving our auditing standards to make sure they continue to align with the values we’ve had since we were founded.

Our Products

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to combine style, function, and fit so you can look good and feel great. We prioritize quality and longevity, while at the same time working to find the most eco-conscious materials that stand the test of time and wear.