Introducing the "In Your Element" Series– We’re kicking off a series featuring some of our favorite relatable ladies (think ABLE staff, content creators, artists, you name it!). Stay tuned for honest chats about their everyday lives, how things are going lately, and all the good and bad in between.


How would you describe yourself?

My name is Jessica Manning, and I am a singer/songwriter and a content creator, currently based in Minneapolis, MN. I’m really passionate about sharing honest truths about myself, and I always encourage others to be less afraid to share their story. I think our experiences are the greatest gifts we have to offer the world.

When do you feel most in your element?

Truthfully, I’m very social, but at my core, I’m very much a homebody. I feel most in my element when I’m in my home, preparing food and drinks for family and friends. I always want to make people feel welcome and loved.

What are some things you’re into lately or inspired by?

Amidst all the uncertainty during this time, I have been inspired by a lot. I’ve really loved seeing how people are connecting with their loved ones in new ways. So many are really taking the time to have conversations they’ve never had before.

I’ve also noticed people expressing an eagerness to gain new knowledge and grow to be better versions of themselves. It’s been amazing to see how many people just want to be better and do better. Everyone is really learning how to show up for others in more meaningful ways, and that’s really a beautiful thing.

How are you doing? No really, how are you doing?

I am doing okay. I’m trying my best to remain grateful for my health and safety, but I would be lying if I said I’d been handling everything perfectly. The past few months have been such a strange and emotional time, and I’m sure most of the world can relate. First, with coronavirus and the drastic life changes that it brought, and then with the global uprising surrounding the death of George Floyd.

It has all been a lot to process. It’s been really difficult to handle the anger and grief around the racism that still exists so deeply in this world. There’s also been an added sense of sadness, because I live in Minneapolis, where our community has suffered greatly from the aftermath of this tragedy. I’ve been finding ways to help my community by collecting supply donations, and I am now starting to find balance and hope in my days again. As my mom always says, I’m taking it a “half-day at a time.”


June 17, 2020 — ABLE Accounting
Tags: Community