Conexport is located in Novo Hamburgo, located in southern Brazil. This town is known for its industrial history, mostly in the shoe and leather industries. We are so fortunate to be able to create ABLE products with a factory that has years of history creating shoes and working with leather. 

Meet Suzana– Head of the commercial department at Conexport (one of our shoe vendors in Brazil). By working with ABLE, she has been able to receive fair pay, work in safe conditions, and be empowered through her work. Read more of her story below.

When and how did your business begin?

It began in September 1990.  The company was founded by the owner Carlos Moschem who is a well-recognized ladies footwear designer since the early eighties.  His dream was to be able to offer job opportunities and personal growth to a team through professional life quality by doing a job that he loves.  He loves shoes. His professional goal is to make people happy by achieving their dreams through their jobs.

The mission of the company has been, since the very beginning, to be a well-controlled sourcing agency & factory with great product development/sampling capabilities and a strong support and QC relationship with factories ranging from boutique to mid-level. Also to work under a loyal relationship with a few clients and factories based on integrity and trust. The principle has been to deliver a good quality product with corresponding competitive prices respecting the environment and always looking for the business sustainability.

What is your role at the business and what does an average day look like in your workplace?

I’m in charge of the commercial department taking over the negotiation with factories and clients, which includes the whole follow-up until shoes are shipped and sold. I'm also in charge of feedback to our factories of the sales and possible repeats. 


What makes your business a better place for women to work?

Mainly the respect and overall equality treatment. Also, the salary policy is based on personal skills and the work itself, not gender. The other point is the general consideration women get in our company in regards to flexible working hours which allow women to take care of their extra work with children and the house.  We have a serious policy to make sure all maternity laws are fully respected.


What are you most proud of creating through your work?

Growth of the team, of our partners, in other words, work for the whole chain involved. I’m a personal believer that work means achievement and personal growth in all respects dignifying our life. Economic opportunity comes from work. 


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October 18, 2018 — Sawyer Wilson


Michelle Onyea said:

Hi, I am a start-up shoe designer looking to make sustainable luxury shoes based from Los Angeles, CA. Do you work with start-up brands and private labeling? Looking to start my brand fall of next year. I would like to setup a video call to see if we can work together if that is possible. Thanks, Michelle Onyea

Oluwaseun Samuel Ogundele said:

I wish to know about your products, I want to be in partnership with you, from Nigeria

Mauro Ribeiro said:

Please call me at 941-735-1681, TKS.

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