This past week we had the opportunity to sit down in the ABLE flagship here in Nashville with our dear friend Virginia of Your Life Edit to chat about her personal journey into the world of ethical shopping. 

Her story represents the path that so many of us are on as we educate ourselves on where our goods come from and work to make mindful purchasing decisions. In the midst of a busy holiday season full of planning and gift shopping, it is easy to get caught up in the latest trends and "must-haves". Our chat with Virginia has served as a refreshing reminder of the importance of quality over quantity in all areas of life.

We are constantly inspired by strong women in our community like Virginia who intentionally slow down to reflect on the effects our purchases have. We hope her story encourages you as well...


It's safe to say the last few years of my life have been transformational. Maybe it's because I became a mother, or maybe it's simply because I was ready to embrace my truth. Regardless, my views on beauty, consumerism, and style have been transformed.

Beauty for me encompasses mind, body, and spirit. It's the glow you see in people who feel their beauty. There is no Beauty without spirit. It's something that stays beautiful as your physical-self grows old and the wrinkles set in. Spiritual Beauty never fades and no illness or injury can take that away from you. It comes from within.

It's important we change our definition of beauty as a society. It’s not a pretty Instagram picture or the perfect filter. Beauty is found when we believe in the power of positivity, like the cheesy quotes you wrote in your high-school journal, believing in true love, doing good, saving the planet, and making a difference. 

I’ve always been a believer of “less is more”, and share this philosophy with others by helping them de-clutter their lives. One of my happiest times was when I moved back to Nashville from living in London. I had 2 suitcases to my name and became a minimalist out of necessity. Gradually, a successful career provided me with more resources, and unknowingly, I started to consume more. I woke up one day feeling sad I had spent so much time and energy on material things that had no meaning. I gave myself permission to stop acquiring so much and focus on quality over quantity. This philosophy continues to resonate with me to this day. 

During my work as an End Of Life Doula, I noticed the same thoughts were shared with those I worked with. I kept asking myself: "Why are we consuming all these things that are not leaving a legacy behind for our children?" This is why I started Life Edit, to help others edit their health, homes, and closets so they can feel freedom from the clutter holding them back, and focus on what matters most in life. To empower them to make responsible decisions about the items they bring into their lives. The fewer material belongings people have, the more they feel they have. Isn’t it crazy how that works?

I continue to learn and evolve on how I approach this topic. I’ve realized to make a true difference I need to take it a step further and start sourcing things from sustainable companies I've researched. If I'm going to buy something, it matters to me that the company is ethical, conscious of the environment, and their employees are all receiving fair wages. It's about taking full responsibility that every decision I make and action I take, has a ripple effect on the world.  It's about knowing that I am able to make a difference. 

I am ABLE to grow and evolve as a woman through the decisions I make. I feel empowered knowing that every action I take has a ripple effect on the world, and I want that effect to be positive and good.

I am ABLE to manifest this desire by taking small strides daily to do more and ultimately create positive impact. I love wearing a piece of clothing that carries a story in every thread. It warms my spirit to share the journey behind the jeans I wear, or the handbag I carry.

I am ABLE to become the voice for those with no voice. Our stories weave together, and I am able to speak on behalf of the women who knitted this sweater, standing strong with her as we both fight for her rights.

Companies like ABLE provide a platform to make a difference and share a message that matters, and that matters to me. 

Learn more about Virginia at and follow her @YourLifeEdit.

December 07, 2017 — Katherine Skinner

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