Every ABLE product is named after a woman our team is inspired by. In the early days (think early 2010s), each product was named after a courageous woman we worked with – a woman who was able to have a dignified job because of the products we made. In 2014, when the Mamuye (pronounced MUH-MOO-YAY) Tote was introduced, we named it after this beautiful woman. Meet Mamuye.

At the time, Mamuye was only 24 years old, but she had amazing ambition. She had been working with our leather partner for almost 5 years and loved being trained, learning about the stitching aspects of the leather craft, and growing her skills. Her goal was to be promoted to quality control. It was because of ABLE customers like you that she was ABLE to work hard and get promoted.



Mamuye went on to receive a salary raise, become more specialized in her craft and in stitching, and create new goals for herself. Truly, she was ABLE to work hard and get promoted!

While the Mamuye Tote continues to be everybody's favorite (and has been seen on Julianne Hough, Minka KellyDrew Barrymore, and Olivia Wilde - no big deal), we're most proud of how it carries the name of a woman whose life was directly impacted.

At ABLE, your purchase has purpose far beyond the value it adds to your wardrobe. While not all of our pieces today are named after the women who work directly with ABLE, we continue to name our pieces after courageous women as a reminder that change is possible. Hope is possible. She is ABLE, and you are ABLE. 

November 24, 2021 — Marisa Pardo
Tags: Mission


Andy said:

Wooh, this is a great company value and culture!

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