Your purchase matters – what you purchase and where you purchase.

At ABLE, we care a lot about the “what.” All of our products – from leather, jewelry, and home to shoes, denim, and apparel – are thoughtfully designed just for you. The silhouette, the fit, and the feel are all intentionally chosen to create a piece you continuously reach for season after season. We believe that what you choose to wear has the power to impact your day, shifting it from something mundane to something inspired. (It’s why getting dressed while working from home is so key!)

It’s our hope that each day you wear ABLE, you feel confident about stepping into and accomplishing whatever is in front of you – not only because our pieces feel great while you wear them but because they were made by empowered women. One of our jewelers once commented, “If the people aren’t healthy, the product isn’t healthy.” We are intentional to create a healthy and empowering environment, supported by wages and benefits, where women are able to be all they aspire to be.

As we reflect on our year at ABLE, our team is feeling immensely grateful for the opportunities and experiences we’re able to have because of your purchase and support.

I was ABLE to take maternity leave and maintain a flexible work schedule, allowing me to savor motherhood while also accomplishing my professional goals.

I was ABLE to support myself during a new chapter in life.

I was ABLE to find a work/life balance.

I was ABLE to buy my first home. It's a privilege and blessing to be able to say that I own property at 25 years old. Working here helped me to build myself up professionally, emotionally, and financially. I now have my own space that provides me safety and stability while nurturing my creativity and growth.

I was ABLE to have flexibility.

I was ABLE to work with the best people and learn so much in my role.

I was ABLE to have fully-paid healthcare and schedule routine doctor visits without paying anything out of pocket.

I was ABLE to take 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave after having my precious baby girl in April! I was able to take time to step into this new role as mom and then slowly transition to working mom without worry of job security and money.

When you shop ABLE, this is what you’re part of. Whatever your year has looked like, know that we’re cheering you on and we’re looking forward to stepping into another year with you.

December 20, 2021 — sarah squires
Tags: Mission

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