How ABLE is Working Towards Racial Equity


How ABLE is Working Towards Racial Equity

With a 90% female staff, we’re extraordinarily proud of developing a company that smashes the ceiling of gender equality. However, we have work to do in the area of racial equity.

We have learned that while our intentions have gotten us part of the way there, we need quantifiable goals and clearly defined actions to create more equitable representation across all of our business areas and levels.

Here's what we've learned so far:


ABLE Overall

  • Despite the large community here in Nashville, ABLE has no Latinx employees. We need to determine why and what actions are needed to change that.

Corporate Offices

  • There’s a disparity between Black representation in the company overall and representation in leadership


  • While diverse members have rolled off the board in 2020, we need to continue efforts to recruit a board that is representative of our brand.


It’s the right thing for our community.

We recognize that the historical impact of bigotry still affects the opportunities available to people of color, women, and all marginalized communities today.

As a company founded on a commitment to social justice, this speaks to the heart of who we are. ABLE has always been about getting everyone on the same starting line, and our diversity initiative is an extension of our history and mission. 

The real goal is to create a talent pipeline: not only by expanding outside connections but also by building a development model where our current staff can thrive and advance.


At ABLE, we’re always looking for ways to do better. And that starts with understanding where we are now. We know we have work to do in the area of racial equity and are working to create more equitable representation in our team and business. We’re actively working towards this by setting specific goals and clearly defined actions and embracing our values of transparency and accountability along the way. We hope you stay with us on this journey.