It’s the little things ~ 

From the woven, grassroots-inspired, leather to the purposefully worn-in and textured apparel, our Spring Collection was thoughtfully designed and sourced with the little things in mind. You’ll find that this collection brings comfort, both literally and physically. Comfort and ease in the products we’ve created, and comfort in the meaning behind each piece. We’re excited to bring you this consciously crafted story, a story that reminds us of our beginnings--of making a difference in a woman’s life with just a single handmade scarf. Because those women had the courage to sew the first thread, they’ve now sewn the way for thousands more. 

Spring is a naturally optimistic and hopeful season, and with it we reflect on where we’ve been and what is to come. Oftentimes we look to nature for the symbolism of growth and new beginnings. As a brand, the products we create mean so much more to us, because of our origin story, and because we believe the end result should be for our customers to enter each day in clothing that uplifts and empowers. With this in mind, we were inspired as a team to pull inspiration from artisans and nature--because where this is a thoughtful beginning, there is a hopeful end.

Here are just a few key details that define our crafted collection:  

Woven - Weaving is a long-kept tradition, often kept by women. We wanted to honor this long-standing trade by incorporating braided and woven details into some of our leather goods, like the Whiley Clog and Valerie Crossbody. My personal favorite might just have to be the add-on Ava Strap because it allows you to customize any bag, and I may be a bit biased because it was named after my niece, Ava. 

Textured - Whether as the designer or the consumer, texture is equally important to keep products and styling feeling fresh and interesting. Our team carefully sourced textured fabrics as seen with the cotton/linen blend on the Amy Wrap Mini Dress (coming soon), and the smocked bodice on the Alma Top

Handmade - Inspired by our origin story, we brought back artisanal elements that reminded us of crocheting, like the Zira Lace Puff Sleeve Pullover, and hand-dyeing, like the new Sunbleached Merly (coming soon.) 

Our wish for this collection is to leave customers and staff alike feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Haven’t we all come so far? Isn’t this all so much bigger than the clothes we wear on a daily basis? Let us all acknowledge where we’ve been, and find hope for what’s to come. May your new Spring ABLE piece remind you of how the past can beautifully propel the future. 

March 16, 2023 — Tinsley Crisp

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