Our new 'What Moves You Forward' series features women the ABLE team is personally encouraged by. Empowered women empower women, and as we create go-to wardrobe pieces for women to feel empowered in, we also want to highlight the women who inspire us to keep moving fashion forward.

When asked “who do you feel empowered by?” I immediately thought of my friend Brynn. I worked with Brynn at a previous job, and she was such an amazing friend and mentor to me. I was the youngest and most inexperienced person in our office, but she gave me words of encouragement every single day that filled me with so much confidence as a woman in the workplace. She is always empowering me to be the very best version of myself.

Brynn is devoted to supporting diverse entrepreneurs in the Nashville community, serving as the VP of Equity, Inclusion, and Community at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. She is also an entrepreneur herself! Brynn is the founder of Dissocialite Design Co., a brand that makes beautiful and fun designs intended to encourage conversations around mental health & wellness. And if all that wasn't enough, she also created Hip Hop Karaoke nights in Nashville, and she should really start a second career as a performer. She can truly do it all.

Brynn is a person who loves both widely and deeply, and empowers every person she interacts with. She is creating so much positive change in the Nashville community, and I am so proud to know her!

– Jo, ABLE Customer Retention Manager


Meet Brynn.

What moves you forward?

As I've gotten to know myself more, my curiosity/drive for novelty has likely been one of the most powerful driving forces in my life. When I feel ill-equipped, I turn to podcasts, youtube videos and articles to get up to speed. That keeps me on the ball, and has enabled me to jump industries and fields, even when I felt underqualified. I also remind myself of how I've solved problems in the past, and how I can always knuckle down and work my butt off if I have to.

What are you passionate about?

Nearly everything!?! I'll put together a grab bag here: the environment/nature, plant identification, plant propagation, traveling to new places, pay equity, racial justice, reproductive rights, climate change and environmental racism, art, mental health and wellness, movement, music, and celebrating people for who they are. Really anything that enables me or others to experience pleasure, play and joy, whether it's a Facetime call with a friend that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts, or enjoying a beautifully made meal.

What is your go-to wardrobe piece that makes you feel like your best self?

Whew! It's got to be a pair of brown leather ankle-height cowboy boots that I've worn for years in every season. I've worn them with cutoffs and under maxi dresses, with black jeans and with a velvet mini skirt. I can't explain it! I just feel invincible when I put them on. Oh, and gold hoops. I keep a couple pairs in my purse, another couple in my makeup bag, and I'm sure there are a few scattered around the house. Just throwing them on as I head out the door or walk into a meeting makes me feel more "on."

Which ABLE pieces do you have and what do you love about them?

I have a slew of ABLE pieces! I LOVE the Jordan top and shorts. I have the top in sage and tan grid, and the shorts in tan grid. The Cynthia front zip, Louisa sweatpants in hummus, Nera sneaker in bone/spruce is my go-to for feeling chic while running errands. I just got the Lomi tote in cognac and I have gotten so, so many compliments on it. I've been living in the Essential chain. I think why I chose all these pieces and why I love ABLE's whole range of products in general is how everything feels simultaneously elevated and effortless.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other women?

Ask your friends and colleagues what they get paid. We can get bilked out of tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands, potentially, across a career) simply by not having insight into how others are being paid for similar work. Also, don't take out a payday loan or max out your credit card if at all possible - ask your friends/family if you're in a bind and they have it. Even though it will probably be embarrassing, you'll have a lot more flexibility and be a lot less vulnerable to predatory lending and credit practices.

Follow Brynn online @brynnplumm + @dissocialitedesignco
March 11, 2022 — sarah squires

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