Hi all,

There’s no denying this year has had its share of challenges, one of the toughest being the loss of time spent with loved ones. Many of us have been forced to change our Thanksgiving traditions. 2020 has demanded that we focus on what’s most important, and how our choices affect the larger community: friends, family and strangers alike.

ABLE lost quite a bit this year because of the pandemic; it meant painful cutbacks and working apart from each other. On Monday, we came together and “broke bread” for the first time in a long time. There was a whoooole lot of distancing, masks, single serving mac & cheese - and of course, no hugs. But even with those changes, it felt so good to feel like a family again.

Spending that time together made me realize that I will forever remember 2020 as the year our customers quite literally saved us. When dark clouds were gathering, YOU were ABLE’s silver lining. We are a small business, and we would not have made it through the year had our customers not stepped up by: purchasing the products that ABLE women make, spreading the word about some pretty good deals, and moreover, sharing the importance of our mission. You proved that “shopping small” deeply mattered.

Thank you,


November 25, 2020 — Barrett Ward

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