We have begun our journey to include more sizing, and we have a timeline for even more to come.

Earlier this year, we let you know about Attainable Apparel from ABLE, which outlined our new, lower prices and mentioned a size extension plan for apparel. Then, a few months ago, we updated you with our official plan to extend our apparel sizing up to 3X.

In true ABLE fashion, this plan is rooted in our belief of progress over perfection. We are rolling out more sizes in phases and inviting you to join us on the journey to more. Rather than hold our cards close before one ultimate and perfect reveal, we prefer to lay them on the table, ask for help, make progress, and release new sizes as soon as we can.

We are excited to share the first phase of ABLE’s journey to more sizes with 7 apparel styles that are available to shop now in XXS-3X, ahead of our Spring 2022 big reveal.

(Psst. Catch a sneak peek of Spring 2022 here.)

Why so few pieces this fall? We’re glad you asked. Because in order to make a product with the best quality, fit, and style, we had to start from scratch, and we knew we had to do it thoughtfully. We didn’t just add new sizes, we spent time evaluating our existing sizing and figured out that increasing in size based on our current grading (the standard we used to increase or decrease in size) wouldn’t give the best quality or fit. So we went back to the drawing board before extending to fix our grading and fit across existing styles and extend our straight size run from XS-XL to XXS-XXL. We also held focus groups and conducted surveys to receive customer feedback rather than assume we knew what you wanted – because we didn’t just want to do it, we wanted to do it right.

This first phase is a thoughtful beginning to something more – specifically, Spring 2022. Over 60% of our entire Spring 2022 apparel collection will be available in XXS-3X. We’ll release everything from dresses to jumpsuits to sweaters to jackets. (That’s right – our best-selling jackets are in the lineup!) And the best part is, that’s still only the beginning. ABLE’s size extension plan will continue beyond Spring, in an effort to become a size-inclusive, ethical fashion brand that represents and empowers every woman.

This thoughtful approach to more sizes has been quite a journey and we wanted to map out the timeline for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we’ve been making progress.

Of course, what’s still to come is subject to change, due to external circumstances such as delays due to COVID.

In the meantime, we continue to stand on our core values as we continue on our journey to extended sizing.

We are actively seeking to fill the empty space we see in fashion where stylish, quality fashion is made thoughtfully and ethically. Our collections are intentionally designed with function, comfort, and confidence in mind. Where you’re going, what you’re doing, where you are in life, and how you want to present yourself.

While we have done our homework and have confidence in our designs and fit, we acknowledge that we still have work to do as we continue to expand our size range. We remain committed to continue adapting our fit as we learn more from our customers.

It truly takes all internal departments. Design worked alongside our planning teams, our marketing teams, and even outside partners to have a full-picture view. We all continue to work together to problem-solve and create innovative solutions.

When we say we want to create a product that you’ll love for years to come, we mean it. Adding new sizes was going to take more time, effort, and thought if we were going to create a high-quality product in all sizes. We went back to the drawing board with all of our straight sizes before we extended. We had hard conversations, looked at what we needed to correct, did a lot of research, and revamped our fits.

When we hosted focus groups and did online customer surveys, we knew we didn’t know all the answers. We wanted to learn and truly understand our customer’s challenges in order to design products that worked for her. The same is true even today. Our inbox and DMs are always open.

We recognized that we were leaving women who wanted to be part of our mission behind simply because we didn’t offer their size. We are looking forward to broadening our offerings and broadening our impact together. In addition, we recognize that women are out there making their own impact in their day-to-day lives, and we are intentional to care for each detail – from button placement on a blouse to the shape of an armhole on a jacket. Getting those details ‘just right’ means you can do what you’ve set out to do with confidence.

While this first phase in November 2021 is not nearly enough, we are proud to release what we have now and give a sneak peek of what we have coming. We would be honored to earn your trust as we navigate this journey to adding more sizes.

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*For reference, the below model is modeling a 1X across the styles. Her dimensions are: Height 5'8", Bust 48" G, Waist 39.5", Hips 48.5”, shoe 9 US.
Model is not wearing ABLE jeans.

Mae Drapey Tee

Gloria Graphic Tee

Neva Long Cardigan

Nashville Graphic Tee

Agnes Ruched Sleeve Tee

Vintage Car Graphic Tee

Long Sleeve Mae Drapey Tee

November 01, 2021 — sarah squires


Cyntheia McReynolds said:

I have purchased several items from you…all winners! Would love to be able to shop your jeans/bottoms but you do not yet carry anything for us tall girls. When I saw your expanded size announcement I was just sure that would be included…any hope of that on the horizon? Please & thank you!

Larry said:

I’m very climate-conscious and want to support ourforest.io advertisers such as yourselves. My wife pretty much only looks good in petite sizes, so I’ve been browsing ourforest.io advertisers looking for any who offer petite sizes. No luck so far. Just a note to suggest that as you expand your range of sizes, you might want to consider people aren’t one-dimensional – including in their size needs. I do understand that smaller companies have fewer resources and must limit their options. This isn’t intended for publication – just to provide input into your growth process.

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