Around here, we take our manufacturing pretty seriously. Who we work with, where they are located, and how they do what they do. Every product tells a deeper story of the person who created it, and those stories matter more than anything.

That’s why we are more than pumped to share our newest partner with you! Meet Group Indigo– our newest partner in India. They have been around for 17 years (!!!) now, fine tuning their business and putting into practice what it means to be a workplace that is for women. They specialize in working with fabrics that are easy on the environment (think tencel and cotton) and ensuring that they are of the highest quality at the same time. Oh, and did we mention they use recycled water for all their wet processes? Aka a win for both women and the environment.

That’s why we are so excited to work with them for lots of the new apparel and footwear you see hitting our site and store. We had a chat with Pooja, the woman behind the business, and asked her a few questions we were dying to know about Group Indigo and how it’s run.

(Pooja and Renuka at the Taj Mahal)

When did your business begin + how did that come about?

Group Indigo was founded 15 years ago. The family was in the fabric business for a few decades, and the time seemed right to set up a company that could source ethically and responsibly to build better lives for people associated with the supply chain.

What does an average day look like in each of your roles?

For most of us, an average day includes sourcing, development, and production follow up. It can also include sourcing trips and factory visits.


Explain what makes your business a better place for women to work?

Being a fashion-sourcing company, we are a women-centric company working with factories that support female empowerment. The business here allows flexible timing, considering the fact that we work with different time zones. We also offer the option to work from home as needed.

What are you most proud of creating through your work?

We are very proud of the beautiful products we help in manufacturing, and we take extreme pride in uplifting the living standard of the working class of women in particular. This further helps them provide a strong and educated base for women in the future.

At ABLE, we believe that no matter our story, we have all overcome and are ABLE to find purpose in our work. What is something you are ABLE to do because of your job and the business you’ve helped create?

We at Group Indigo believe in creativity, reliability, and responsibility. Also, just to let you know, our country promotes the national slogan “Save the girl child and educate the girl child,” and we help our factories take in this thought at the grass-root level for the benefit of female workers.

September 29, 2019 — Sawyer Wilson

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