ABLE is a brand for and by ALL women. Our team of 81 women (and 3 ally men) cares deeply about ensuring ABLE is as inclusive in our marketing as we are in fulfilling our mission to create transformative opportunities for women around the world.

Unfortunately, fashion - specifically ethical fashion - has an inclusivity problem. Many women feel excluded from representation by their favorite brands. They don’t see their size, age, color, lifestyle, and more reflected in their marketing and product designs. Celeste Scott for The Good Trade summed up the issue like this:

“For brands with ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of their mission, the need for radical inclusivity is all the more pressing. Brands will not successfully shift consumers’ shopping habits towards more conscious brands if they refuse to represent the diverse array of consumers that exist.”

Celeste - we agree! Only together can we challenge the culture of the fashion industry, and we think we can do better at including YOU in all we do.


In April, we held our first ever Community Casting Call in Nashville. To our surprise, 76 local women showed up and BROUGHT IT, demonstrating how beautifully diverse (and FIERCE!) our ABLE community really is.


We are dedicated to including our customers in our photo shoots, making sure you see yourself in ABLE. We held our first shoot with women from our Community Casting Call in May, and they’re staring in our ABLE Essentials campaign this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for faces of customers just like you!

You are ABLE, and we can’t wait for you to see yourself - and women who look like you - even more along our journey! 

June 11, 2019 — Amber Pietrobono


Paula Mayer said:

I love your campaign message represented on a recent T Shirt I saw your model wearing..white with black letters. I’d love to buy one from you! I turn 60 after a long 6 year cancer and transplant battle. We are celebrating my our family’s journey for my 60th birthday in Hawaii. My Able crossbody is coming on my trip! I’d like to be photographed in the referenced T Shirt in Hawaii to promote your brand on my Social Media following and in my new anthology short story coming out in Manifesting Your Dreams.D I have been to your Nashville store and have a picture taken with Ward! Please let be know about the T-shirt purchase??? Thank you!

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