The new ABLE denim line is handcrafted in a factory in Motul, Mexico - a small town on the Yucatan peninsula. The economy there depends heavily on textiles, and we are proud to help support this community by providing sustainable jobs and opportunity.

Our partner factory goes above and beyond to treat their employees well. Most importantly, they pay 30% over a general wage in the area, getting all employees to a professional wage. In addition, they offer 25-35% salary bonus opportunities based on quality, production, and attendance. Other benefits include a subsidized breakfast and lunch during breaks, and 0% interest loans for medical, housing, and school emergencies. 

We love that this partner is dedicated to creating jobs for women.  With an exception in the heavy lifting departments like washing and fabric cutting, the factory has a balanced team, giving equal opportunities, with a priority on hiring women. 

We choose to do business with this partner because of their priority of paying and treating their employees well. With an average tenure of at-least 15 years, people are happy to come to work everyday and feel appreciated. 

In addition to valuing their employees above and beyond what’s required, these partners exceed industry regulations in environmental safety and protection. They recycle 100% of the water they use for all washing processes, and when they do release water back into nature, they run it through some of the most innovative cleansers on the market to purify it so that it is safe and clean to put back into the land. They also recycle all scraps of denim from cutting and sewing, giving to the government to use for housing insulation. We are proud of our their vigilance to be a leader in the manufacturing world with all environmental practices.

And oh yeah -- they make some dang good jeans.

August 31, 2017 — Marisa Pardo

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