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How To Refer
A Friend

Ready to earn $20 off your next ABLE order? First, share your personalized referral link with friends who haven’t yet had the chance to meet us.

Once the friend you referred to ABLE makes a purchase using your link, your account will be awarded with 2,000 points (the equivalent of $20), and you will be notified.

Easy, right? 



How do the points convert to dollars? →

Every 100 points is equal to $1. So, for instance, if you are rewarded 2000 points for referring a friend, you will have the equivalent of $20 to use on your next purchase. 

So...points? Why points? →

Great question. We have heard time and time again that ABLE customers love points programs. Ask and ye shall receive! We chose a program that offered points because it gives us the flexibility to reward you for all kinds of things--not just referrals! As we grow our program, we think this will be a lot of fun, and beneficial to our amazing ABLE customers. 

Are there other ways to earn points besides referring a friend? →

At this time there is not. However, that may change in the near future as we grow our program. Stay tuned!

Will my points ever expire? →

No. Your points are yours to use whenever you're ready. They will never expire.

How do I join? →

To join the program, simply create an account and visit the referral page in your account menu. 

What if my friend makes a purchase at the Flagship store? →

No problem. As long as they share their discount code with the associate at the time of checkout they can still receive their discount, and you will credit for referring them.

Can I use my ABLE points in-store? →

Yes, you can! Simply tell an associate at the time of checkout that you would like to apply points to your purchase.

How can I check my points balance? →

Simply login to your account and view the dashboard. You will also see this dashboard at checkout and can easily apply credit at that time.

Why can't I apply the code I got from a friend? →

Hmmm, good question. If you're using a referral code that was given to you by a friend, these codes may not be combined with any other offers, and must be used on a first-time purchase. It's also possible that there is a minimum purchase amount in order to receive the discount. Please check the terms of the offer and verify that you're meeting all of the conditions. If you are, and it's still not working, reach out to our amazing Customer Service team. They'll make sure you receive your discount and that your friend gets the credit. 

I can’t log into my account? →

We're sorry! We suggest trying to reset your password as a first solve, but if that doesn't work please reach out to our Customer Service team. We're happy to assist. 

Does the ABLE Referral program apply to purchases made on ABLE products sold at other stores? →

Unfortunately, no. The ABLE Referral Program does not apply to purchases made at non-ABLE stores, both online and in-person. In order to qualify, the purchase must be made on the ABLE site, or at the ABLE Flagship store.

Don’t see your question? Please reach out to our customer care.

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