Our raw leather goods are ethically handmade by our international partners, created with natural resources found in their local areas. The leather is treated at a tannery, but remains in a raw form in order to create our natural, distressed leather goods.  Given the unique type of leather, we recommend following the steps below to maintain the beauty of your bag and to minimize wear and tear: 

  • We recommend conditioning your bag every few months to keep it looking great. We suggest our leather conditioner, which is made with natural ingredients and is to be used on the exterior of the leather.  *Not recommended for use on our suede, nubuck, or pebbled leathers.
  • Always test new leather care products on a small area on the bottom of the bag, and allow it to dry for 24hrs to see how the leather takes to the product. 
  • Avoid contact with water + dark denims that can easily harm the leather– if damage does occur, refer to a professional cleaner or leather specialist for best practices.
  • To help protect your leather goods from water damage and denim dye transfer, we recommend Dr. Jacksons Rain and Stain repellent. There’s not a way to totally protect against stains, but a repellent spray is a great preventative measure.
  • To retain your bag's shape, stuff with tissue and store in an upright position.
  • For cleaning raw leather we recommend using Lincoln EZ cleaner or visiting a leather specialist for a professional cleaning.

If you have any further questions regarding raw leather care, please don’t hesitate to email us.