About ABLE

ABLE is an ethical fashion company creating opportunities for women. We recognize that to end generational poverty, we must 1) create jobs and 2) do so for women. The fashion industry is one of the largest employers of women worldwide, and also known for its mistreatment of workers - we want to change that. Our focus on living wage (read more about how we published our lowest wages here) is part of our resolution to lead the fashion industry to create positive change in the world. At ABLE, Your Purchase is Her Opportunity.

Where are you located?

ABLE's Flagship Store is located in the Stocking 51 development at 5022 Centennial Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209. Please visit us!

How can I keep in touch with ABLE?

To stay in the know, follow us on social networks – links can be found to the right of this page. For the latest discounts and product releases, don’t forget to sign up for emails and text updates!

You can sign up for our email list in the bottom left corner of our website, and you can sign up for SMS by visiting the bottom of our homepage on your mobile device.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do! Partnerships are an integral part of ABLE. You can learn more about our Affiliate Program HERE.

How is ABLE taking steps to become a sustainable brand?

At ABLE, we believe that taking care of people also means taking care of the environment, and we recognize our own impact through our manufacturing and development process. Browse by product category below to read more about our sustainability efforts, and to learn more about where we are headed as a brand: 


Our primary leather materials are purposefully a byproduct of the meat industry, in an effort to turn environmental liabilities into a profitable resource. We also choose to not work with vegan leather, which is actually more harmful to the environment.


Using recyclable packaging, our shoes are made with leather from tanneries that recycle and purify the water back into the manufacturing plant. 


Between collecting and melting down our scrap metal and using majority recycled sterling silver, our jewelry team strives to be sustainable wherever possible. We consciously limit the use of our jewelry boxes to prevent waste, and do not clean our jewelry with harsh chemicals, in favor of natural cleaners. 


The majority of our pieces are made using all-natural fibers, and as of Fall 2020, all of our sweaters 100% organic cotton. All future sweater releases will continue to be GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton. 


All of our denim fabrications are made with sustainable denims. While we’re not quite to all qualities being eco versions, all are produced in mills conscious of reducing water usage and waste. Our non-stretch, for instance, uses a liquid indigo that requires less water when being washed. We also purposefully source components only from the western hemisphere to reduce our carbon footprint.


Coming mid-2021, all ABLE packaging (polybags, boxes, etc.) will be majority recyclable, with the end goal of being to 100% recyclable by early 2022.


How do I care for my ABLE items?

You can find our product care information HERE!

Tell me more about your leather.

All of our leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. We use semi-veg tanning, which is a hybrid process of vegetable tanning and chrome tanning (the best of both worlds). Vegetable tanning gives you leather that ages and chrome tanning gives you a leather that is durable. This process allows us to maintain our vintage look that will last forever. Our leather is full-grain, which means the original grain of the leather has not been altered.