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Office Style: Meet Tessa


Office Style: Meet Tessa

Meet Tessa - she heads up our Wholesale team (we're in over 500 stores around the country!!) and is always bringing in the most amazing baked goods into the office. She's also got a killer, laid-back style and can make anything look super cool.

What is your role at ABLE?

I’m in charge of Wholesale Operations, overseeing all wholesale orders and retailer customer service

What is your favorite part of working at ABLE?

I love the community! We belly laugh, we cry, we listen to Dixie Chicks and Michael Jackson. It’s the best!

Describe your personal style.

If grandma got her groove back - throwback vintage pieces with some modern flair

Where do you find inspiration for your wardrobe?

My attic! Ha! I grew up always going to the attic searching for treasures. I found my brother’s old baseball tees and my aunt’s graduation dress. I was in heaven. I also love to sew my own clothes so I spend my free time fabric shopping. I get inspired by the multitude of options and creating my own pieces that fit my personality and lifestyle.

What is your favorite clothing piece in your wardrobe currently?

I have a vintage Hawaiian shirt that I got at a thrift store. It makes me feel like doing the limbo! I also love the Seam Jean. They are so comfy I just wear them around the house with slippers.

What is your favorite way to spend a day outside of the office?

Me Oh My! The possibilities are endless. I love baking so my ideal day would start with coffee and baking a pie and listening to podcasts. Then, I would dive into a good book on my hammock (more coffee, please!), and then meet up with friends for a treat or a walk. I love picnics and taking our dog, Blue, for a hike. My husband and I also love to take day trips to the lake and go canoeing.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Time Travel! I would love to visit Paris in the 1920s and see all the dresses and dance my butt off with flappers and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What items are currently in your ABLE shopping cart?

Sweetie Tees!

I’m also in love with the Wide Leg - Blanca. It’s such a fun, classic way to add some personality to your day.