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Mommy Musician | JODI + MILO


Mommy Musician | JODI + MILO

Photography + interview by Kate Dearman

All moms are rockstars in our book, but a few weeks ago we got to sit down with mommy rockstar and literal rockstar Jodi King to chat about how she balances life on the road as a touring musician with being a mom to one and soon to be two little rockstars.

Jodi’s first rockstar Milo is 13 months old, and baby boy #2 will be making his debut on August 8th.

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Being a mommy and touring musician requires Jodi to keep up an impressive balancing act. She says that learning in the moment is the sweetest thing, pointing out that motherhood is something that forces you to learn as you go. Being a touring musician with a newborn means that a lot of that on-the-go learning is done with an audience, but Jodi doesn't see it as a negative. “It’s been a huge learning curve, but a really sweet one,” she says, “honestly, I think it has been fun to fail in public because I have seen it free other moms when they fail.”

She adds that even when she's hard on herself, she's still everything her baby boy needs her to be even when she doesn't feel like it. “I think its been good for me to let some of that go, like when I have to bring him on stage for Q&A because he happens to not be napping at that moment.”

Jodi points out that she thinks its great for other moms to see all the parts of her life, even when she has hard days as a mom.

One way she keeps balance on the road is by sticking to routines. Even though nap time is somewhere different every day, it’s on the same schedule. When they're off the road, they take a sabbath that includes no phones and no destinations that can’t be reached by foot.

Doing life on the road makes picking the perfect bag crucial. Jodi’s favorite FASHIONABLE bag, the Alem Utility Bag, was designed by her friend and fellow mommy rockstar, Francesca Battistelli. Both of these women know that the perfect bag has to look good in any setting & have enough space and organization to take "home" on the road.