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Meet the Makers of your Summer Sandals


Meet the Makers of your Summer Sandals

Peru. A country with history and tradition dating back to the Incas. A country that is rooted in vibrant community that inspires art and culture throughout the world. Peru has a unique geography, from the Amazon River to the Andes Mountains, that will make you want to come back time and time again. At ABLE, we are not only inspired by the natural beauty the country has to offer, but more importantly by the people that shape it.

However, while there is much to celebrate in this vastly diverse country, it is hard to ignore the harsh reality of many of its people. About 8 million people in Peru remain poor - and of those 8 million, women are the most affected. Women represent as much as 80% of a family's labor force, allowing their husbands to migrate in search of temporary work.

But despite  playing a central role in the local economy, most rural women live in poverty. We chose  to manufacture our initial shoe line with a family-owned and operated business within the local Lima community, where not only are the employees paid fairly and provided equal opportunity, they also have access to a benefits package that includes health insurance, family allowance bonuses and pension funds.

You can wear your ABLE summer sandals with pride, knowing that the maker of your shoes  is treated with dignity and is able to provide for their families, ultimately ending the cycle of generational poverty.