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Merry + Bright.


Merry + Bright.

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A few members of our team traveled to Ethiopia this Fall to visit with each of our partners.  Before the trip, our Merchandiser would often receive emails from one of our leather partners, MZ, noting that the electricity was out that day, and it had limited their production capacity. In a growing business, we can imagine it is incredibly frustrating to feel interrupted by infrastructure issues that are hard (and expensive) to overcome. It made complying with ship dates difficult, since they didn’t know whether or not they would have consistent access to electricity during production. During our trip, we worked together on documents that MZ was able to take to the Ministry of Industry in Ethiopia. Our orders and projections helped them to show their value as a local business, and secure a more consistent electrical line, which doesn’t experience the same outages their previous system. We asked MZ how it's affected their business...

"The consistent power supply has helped to produce effectively and efficiently as opposed to the previous power cuts. This is not only that the production process demands power on each level but also that we are able to use manpower and working time properly. This can be seen from our consistent supply of products too, both in timing and amount of products."
This has made a huge difference in us being able to supply all of the lovely leather goods we’re selling during the holiday season! We’ve been able to ship larger quantities more often, and capacity has grown from the certainty around the electrical supply. It’s a really beautiful cycle to watch: we buy more, we sell more, we order more, we help create more jobs. Thank you for being a part of growing + sustaining business for this partner with us!