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World Aids Day 2015


World Aids Day 2015

Today marks the 27th Annual #WorldAidsDay More than 34 million people are living with HIV and more than 35 million have died from the disease. However, the hope for a cure has never been greater and even the poorest victims of this disease are finding ways to live full lives. World Aids Day was established by the World Health Organization to focus global attention on the HIV/AIDS epidemic across countries, organizations and governments. ( read more at ) One of our partners in Ethiopia, Entoto, is a place of healing for those affected by HIV/AIDS, treating them with dignity and respect, and providing a fair opportunity to support their families.  Currently, the women at Entoto make two of our products: the Tizita Bracelets and our new Zemen Carryall. Each of these are named after one of the heroic women that work at Entoto, with a note about what she is ABLE to do because of your purchase! The Tizita Bracelets are made up of beads crafted from bullet casings and scrap metal found by farmers in the Entoto mountains. The women then string them together to make a trio of stretchy bracelets that are easy to layer (and make a great stocking stuffer!)  Named after Tizita, who is ABLE to achieve her dreams. 

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  The Zemen Carryall is the newest addition to our Leather Collection. Its larger size and interior lining + pockets make it a bag that can carry pretty much anything you can imagine. The exterior is paneled with beautiful stone + slate Ethiopian leather. Named after Zemen, who is ABLE to support her daughter and give her an education.