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Meet Lindsey


Meet Lindsey

Each of our products are intimately tied to the story of women who have overcome great challenges... something every one of us can relate to.  Our jewelry is made by women locally in Nashville, TN, and is known as the Miriam Collection.

Last week we introduced you to Terri.  This week -- we want you to meet Lindsey.  She's been working with us for 2 years, and manages the production of all of our in-house jewelry, as well as leading the creative process of designing these pieces.



Q. How long have you been in Nashville? Where are you from originally?

A. I have been in Nashville almost 7 years; since my Junior year in High School. Nashville has been my longest pit stop. I was born in Jackson Mississippi, but spent my childhood moving around quite a bit. I've lived in over 10 homes that I can remember and in 8 states total.

Q.  If you wouldn't mind, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your family, background, etc.

A. I am my mother's first born, but am the third oldest. My family is intricately combined. I grew up with 7 other siblings, and met another one of my half-brothers when I was 18. My mother was 19, my father 16 when I was born. It was an unplanned and scandalous pregnancy. I never got to meet my biological father. He overdosed when I was 13 years old. From the start, my life has been somewhat chaotic. My parents were never married and my mom went on to be married and divorced twice. Both were unhealthy marriages. The first was short ending when I was 5 years old, the latter a long marriage that ended in my stepdad going to prison. He was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to our family. My mother spent 4 years away from the home, and in my teenage years I spent my time balancing school and raising my younger siblings, amidst being in a broken home. I consider my time at home as a teenager to be my darkest time in life. My mother was the only one to work and support a 10 person household. We were a low income family with a lot of damage and a lot of drama, and so we lived like gypsies. I hoped often to one day move out of the house and live on a university campus. My stepdad was very controlling, specifically of me, and even as I went on to attend Belmont University (blessed by and provided for by scholarships and loans), I was forced into living at home and commuting 45 minutes everyday. Continuing to balance school and household duties. After my mom's divorce and stepdads arrest, I was able to live on campus and have a "clean slate." My family started to pick up the broken pieces and have a clean slate themselves. In May 2014, my 6 -year-old brother Brenden was tragically run over by his school bus after being dropped off after school. He was killed instantly in front of my mother's home. To this day, that is, and will forever be the most traumatizing thing my family has bared. Once again, my family was left picking up broken pieces.

Q. How did you hear about FASHIONABLE?

A. I originally heard of Miriam Designs, a local jewelry company that hired women coming out of transition. Specifically from Nashville's Rescue Mission and Magdalene House programs. I myself was "coming out of transition" and was seeking a new life. I felt a relation to this cause, and by random met its founder Gracie. I am normally very shy, but had enough gumption to approach Gracie and investigate any option of getting involved. In my time at Miriam we collaborated with FASHIONABLE, and that was my first introduction to the company.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about making jewelry?

A. I have always been very crafty and loved creative arts. As a kid I would write poems, and songs, and draw, and sing, and dance, and sew, and do little DIY projects. It was my way of escaping. When I started making jewelry it was the same thing. I can zone out and keep my focus on making something. I believe a focused mind is a happy mind, so jewelry making has been meditation in a sort. I also really love designing. Seeing a design come to life, and putting new skills into practice is very rewarding.  

Q. What do you love to do in your free time?

A. I still love doing creative things in my spare time, whether it be writing songs, researching jewelry design ideas, or taking photos of friends. Nashville is a great place to wander around, get a cup of coffee, and have a great dinner with friends. I do that pretty often as well.

Q. What’s your favorite jewelry piece? 

A. I love our Tiny Tag Necklace. It is such a staple. It isn't my most creative design, but I love a good simple necklace. I also love dainty and rose gold jewelry. I also love our stacking rings. Its such a small piece that requires so many steps and processes. Once you've polished them up and have a nice collection of little stackers...there's just something so satisfying with making and wearing rings.

Q. What are you ABLE to do because of your job at FASHIONABLE?

A. My job at FASHIONABLE has given me amazing relationships with some of my favorite people. I have a community of women who mean so much more to me than a normal co-worker or employee would. Through every season of my life...I have been listened to, understood, loved by, and shown grace by the women I work with. We have a mutual belief and understanding that we have all overcome something, and for that we should have hope and we should have joy. I have been so encouraged to take steps forward with strong and courageous women who believe in the power of redemption.