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CUSTOMIZABLE: Style Tips - The Sedona Necklace


CUSTOMIZABLE: Style Tips - The Sedona Necklace

The Sedona // 4 ways we wore it

One of our most versatile pieces in the #myCustomizABLE collection is the Sedona Necklace. Depending on your color + material choices,  this piece can look preppy, minimalistic, creative, or bohemian. Here are some of the ways we styled it.

Boho: Our original version of the Sedona has a brass chain with turquoise beads, that makes for a look you can throw on & go {to your favorite concerts/festivals or to a coffee date with a friend}. 

Prep: We matched the rose gold chain with black beads and layered over a classic crew neck sweater for a preppy look that's sure to please.

Minimalist: The gold chain with coral beads are perfectly simple and pretty. No thought or planning necessary- layer over your favorite basics, like this denim dress, and you're good to go.


Creative: The silver chain with denim beads really pops on a black top. Add a black + white scarf and your outfit is complete.

Which version of the Sedona will you make?