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Meet Agnes + Susan.


Meet Agnes + Susan.

Every fashionABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with.  That means every product has a story behind it.  The women who so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are ABLE to do something because of your purchase. Who makes your stuff matters. Meet Agnes + Susan -- two adorable gals who work with our leather partner in Kenya, Rift Valley.

 Agnes loves to play soccer and she loves dancing. In the future, she'd love to help orphans.  Because of her job, she says: “I am now much more confident & proud to be working here. I live a much better life since joining the company and can now help to support my family and afford small luxuries for myself.”   

 Susan loves socializing and traveling, and wants to learn more about the world beyond Kenya! She dreams about advancing in the leather business & becoming a designer. Because of her job, she says  “I love that I’m not dependent on a boyfriend, but I can be self-sufficient. I am able to support my little sister through her college, and to save for my future needs.” 

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