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We've been talking a lot about SLOW FASHION lately here at FASHIONABLE. We've mentioned the 3 reasons we're taking it slow: SUSTAINABILITY, SUPPLY CHAIN, + STORY. And this month we've been going into a little more detail on these areas. We've touched on SUSTAINABILITY and SUPPLY CHAIN, and today we're wrapping up with STORY.  

Each FASHIONABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with. That means every product has a story behind it. The women who so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are ABLE to do something because of your purchase…because they have a job. Mamuye is ABLE to work hard and get promoted, too. Selam is ABLE to see that her children are proud of her. Meseret is ABLE to love others well. Teshome is ABLE to support her little sisters. Aster is ABLE to love her job. So every time you wear your Anchinalu scarf you can think about Anchinalu, who is ABLE to have peace in her life. And every time you carry your Tigist clutch you can think about Tigist, who is ABLE to dream of her future again.


We'd love to hear from you ... how has supporting FASHIONABLE + other businesses that are committed to slow fashion changed your view on global poverty and the way you purchase?

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