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fashionABLE is 4: Go Nuts.


  a note from our founder, Barrett.... Go nuts. Let me tell you why. Four years have gone by since we first started fashionABLE.  A lot changes in four years, doesn't it?  We’ve had joys, pains, and in the midst of it all we've learned a whole whole lot. And the same range of experiences have been true for fashionABLE. Starting a new business stateside, and helping to develop a new operation in Ethiopia, carries both some expected and unexpected challenges. But, it’s easy to count all of that as joy as we see the fruit of our labor and the many lives changed. We started fashionABLE with our partners in Ethiopia, Ellilta Products. We started by training three women to weave scarves, and they now employ over 30. And we now partner with 3 more businesses in Ethiopia - another weaving group, a leather company, and a group of HIV+ women that are repurposing bullet casings into beautiful beaded jewelry. We work with women-led business, and those that are having a positive impact on women and their communities. Why do we especially focus on supporting women? Because what started from a heart of us wanting to empower women to rise out of difficult circumstances, has grown into an effective strategy for battling extreme poverty. We understand that women in the developing world often do more than an equal amount of the labor as men, but earn far less of a percentage of the income… and we also understand that this impacts her personal security and that of her children. But we also understand that when a woman is able to earn an income, she has a great impact on her family and her community. As we grow and look at how we can have the biggest impact possible, we are growing in a direction of focusing more and more on creating a marketplace for the heroic partners and workers in Africa, while we will continue to help develop capacity and scale with new partners as needed. We want to be a loudspeaker to the amazing work they are doing.  Join in that voice, because with your purchase and with your voice you are a part of providing jobs.  So that is a purchase you can feel good about. So go nuts today... because the more product moved = more opportunity to those we wish to empower. fashionABLE is 4 - 4 day sale fashionABLE is 4.