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Slow Fashion: SUPPLY CHAIN.


We've been talking a lot about SLOW FASHION lately here at fashionABLE. We've mentioned the 3 reasons we're taking it slow: SUSTAINABILITY, SUPPLY CHAIN, + STORY. For the next 3 weeks, we'll be going into a little more detail on these areas. Last week we talked about SUSTAINABILITY. Today it's about the SUPPLY CHAIN.   Slow Fashion: Supply Chain | livefashionABLE.comBy purchasing products made in Africa, you are investing in a developing economy and providing jobs for the entire supply chain. So it's not just those that weave our scarves and craft our leather goods that are benefitting, but it's entire communities rising out of poverty because of multiple levels of opportunity. Think about it... First there's the local farmers, who grow the cotton or raise the cattle. Then there's those who prepare & treat the raw materials... the spinners who turn the cotton into thread and the tanneries that treat the leather. Then, of course there are those in the businesses we partner with, who weave our scarves and craft our leather goods. But even within those businesses there are multiple levels of jobs, like dying or sewing or tagging, which means more opportunities and more women employed. Then there are the local trainers who are teaching the skills to new employees.  And the accountants and business managers we partner with who keep their own operations running. Not to mention the local shipping + logistics companies we hire to get the products over the ocean to us. Supporting Slow Fashion means you care about how your stuff is made. Because by making conscious decisions about what you purchase you are affecting the entire process, from sourcing to shipment. You are providing opportunities in a developing nation that are producing more than just a job... they're creating dignity. livefashionABLE.com

We'd love to hear from you ... how has supporting fashionABLE + other businesses that are committed to slow fashion changed your view on global poverty and the way you purchase?

Slow Fashion | livefashionABLE.com