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Fall Focus: the Mulu Scarf.


We've got so many amazing styles in our Fall 2014 Collection, it's too hard to pick a favorite. So we're focusing on one style each week, highlighting our favorite things about each one! We've shown you the Gebeyewthe Meseretthe Seble,  the Aster, and the Anchianlu + Anchinalu BOLD. This week -- we're highlighting the Mulu scarf. Fall Focus: Mulu | We're so excited to have an updated Mulu back in our scarf collection.  It was actually one of our first styles: the original heavier-weighted scarf.  Still with the thicker weight, the Mulu scarf now has sections of three simple stripes, in 3 different color ways.

Fall Focus: Mulu |

And, like every fashionABLE product, this scarf is named after one of the heroic women we work with. Because of your purchase, Mulu is ABLE to feel confident! Mulu was one of the three original women we started fashionABLE with, and we are so proud of how far she has come in her skills.  She's also the star of our Invest in a Woman video: