Tote Essentials.


We shared last week some of our favorite items we're keeping in our Mamuye tote. We asked some of our blogger friends to do the same... whether they're taking their tote on a picnic, to the beach, or on the road....

What's in Your Tote |

Erin Loechner // //

Erin Loechner | fashionABLE Tote Summer Essentials

from Erin:

"As a working mama on the go, my tote is a constant rotation of random essentials. And although I've grown accustomed to being surprised by the contents of my bag on the regular (yesterday's "present" from my toddler was a half-eaten carrot and some glue), I certainly have my standbys that continually make their way into my daily grind!:

Almonds - The perfect snack for fending off low blood sugar meltdowns from baby and mama. Notebook / Pen - I always prefer to jot down ideas on paper rather than seeking my phone and getting sucked into the ever-distracting realm of social media. Sunglasses - It is summer, after all! Cash - There's a cash-only hot dog stand that I simply refuse to turn down, so naturally, this is a must pack. Lip Balm - I feel so much more put together with a swipe of color and moisture on my lips (even if I haven't showered in a few days - eek!). Stickers - Surely I'm not the only parent that relies on stickers to pass the time while waiting at the library, post office or DMV? Scarf - I am always, always, always cold. A scarf's a surefire way to keep me cozy in the air-conditioning and makes for an instant picnic blanket on a warm, sunny day! Water - In an attempt to drink more water, I've been carrying a bottle everywhere.I.go. I'll let you know if it's helping. ;) Sunscreen - My toddler has super fair skin, so reapplication on the go is a must. This stick makes it a breeze!"

>> Check out this beautiful Friday picnic Erin shared over on her blog, too -- we spy her Mamuye tote + Mehari blanket!


Stephanie Duncan // //

hernewtribe |

Stephanie loaded up her tote for a weekend getaway from Atlanta to Nashville to visit her sister, Mary (also one of our favorites!) Stephanie has amazing style -- check out her post for more pics.


Megan Gilger // //

Megan Gilger | fashionABLE summer essentials

Megan spends her summers on the shores of lake Michigan, so her tote is full of beach essentials! From Megan: "I love nothing more than owning a product that has a story deeper than the shelf on which it sits."  Check out her post to see what she stores in her Mamuye.  

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