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Inside our First Partner: Ellilta Products.


Our friends at Mocha Club recently sent Char Beck and Matt Wertz on the Mocha Club Experience: a 10 day adventure around Africa to check-in on all of their project partners.  They are releasing a new video every week, highlighting the different people & places they visited. One of their stops was Ellilta Products, our first scarf-weaving partner in Ethiopia.  In this video, Char + Wertz take us inside Ellilta -- and you'll see some familiar faces... Mulu, Meselu, Feleku, Eden, Meseret, and Anchinalu are just some of the ladies who make an appearance in this episode.

 (head over to the Mocha Club Experience page to see all of the #mochaclubexp videos!)

fashionABLE Mocha Club Experience scarf

We teamed up with Mocha Club to make the exclusive coffee-dyed scarf you saw in the video. And there's 2 ways to get it: Buy the scarf for $30 in the Mocha Club store. Join Char + Wertz for as little as $9/month and get the scarf for FREE.