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We love our Campus Reps!


We are so thankful for the people who help us spread the word about who we are & what we're doing at fashionABLE. So, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our amazing Campus Reps, who spread the word about fashionABLE on their campuses across the country!   Blair Pettit 337 School: Vanderbilt University Hometown: Southaven, MS Favorite scarf: Eden Although the Eden is my favorite scarf, I have also always loved the Genet scarf because of the powerful story behind it. Genet is now able to be the mother she wants to be for her two daughters because of fashionABLE. She no longer has to turn to prostitution or drugs to provide for her family. Simply by buying a scarf, women like Genet can have jobs so that they don’t have to turn to these sad, destructive ways to provide for their families.  I could not be more honored to be a campus rep for fashionABLE. It’s such an opportunity to be able to share this story and many others with the Vanderbilt community!   Kaybria Johnson 344 School: Mary Baldwin College Favorite scarf: Genet (gunmetal grey & scarlet) Hometown: Washington, D.C. fashionABLE is unlike other social enterprises because they truly are committed to their goal to create opportunities for vulnerable women. I saw this through everything fashionABLE does and wanted to be a part of such an empowering community, which is why I became a campus rep. So far, from the mini-parties I threw on my campus to the Google Hangouts with Barrett, I've really enjoyed my experience as a campus rep!     Alex Strohm345 School: Oklahoma State University Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK Favorite scarf: Bezuayhu A year ago, my mom received a fashionABLE scarf for Christmas from one of her friends.  When she brought the gift home, I thought the scarf was beautiful.  But it wasn’t until I decided to look up Bezuayhu’s story that I started to really understand the beauty of a fashionABLE scarf. Her story struck a chord with me – Bezuayhu was 19 years old when she began working with fashionABLE. I had just turned 19 that December. I am lucky enough to have two loving parents who have supported me my whole life, through high school and now in college.  Yet, across the ocean there is a girl just like me who lost her parents and was encouraged to work instead of going to school – a girl who lost a dream of education and her dignity because she didn’t have a choice.  It made me sick to think of Bezuayhu’s struggle and other women who were in similar situations. However, because of fashionABLE, these women are able to have jobs and find dignity in their work.  They finally have a choice.     Samantha Milne347 School: The Rivers School Hometown: Wellesley, MA Favorite scarf: Seble One day, I was sitting at the beach at the most eastern point of Massachusetts, looking out at the ocean. I checked my phone and saw that Minka Kelly was tweeting about FashionABLE. I was intrigued. I looked up the company and realized I could help another woman in need even though she lived worlds away and far beyond my horizon line. You see, my family had visited Africa the previous summer, so I had seen firsthand the limitations that women endure there. fashionABLE’s mission really resonated with me – and I wanted to get involved. As campus rep, it is my hope that I can continue to tell others about fashionABLE, just like Minka did for me, which is why I am more than thrilled to represent at my school this year.   Ashley Heslin349 School: University of Missouri-Columbia Hometown: Chicago, IL Favorite scarf: Eden When I came upon the story of fashionABLE, I was immediately drawn to this amazing cause. I was intrigued by the idea of helping women create business, instead of just donating money to a cause. I thought it was a very innovative idea. I was always told, “If you give a man a fish he will eat a meal, but if you teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime.” I think this speaks to what fashionABLE has done. By giving the women occupations and teaching them skills, they can work and provide for themselves and their families for years to come. By purchasing a fashionABLE scarf you are ABLE to make a big difference in the life of the very person who created your scarf by providing her with a sustainable way to succeed.   Layna Lovelady353 School: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Hometown: Madison, MS Favorite scarf: Etanesh Stripe I have always loved the story behind Meseret's time at fashionABLE. She was able to escape prostitution after so many years of being trapped in that lifestyle and is still able to praise God. During her journey to recovery, she found the Lord, and because of this relationship with God, she is now able to love others the way He calls us to. Her story gives me hope and encouragement about the work that fashionABLE is doing in Ethiopia. She encourages me to love others more no matter the circumstances.   Allison Clark355 School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hometown: Beatrice, NE Favorite scarf: Etanesh Stripe I am absolutely in LOVE with fashionABLE -- not only the products, but everything fashionABLE does to support Africans and their families! When I received my scarf, there was a hand-written note saying “Because of you, I am ABLE to see my son, Abel, grow in character.” I love the fact that I get the chance to make a difference every time I purchase a fashionABLE product. By being a fashionABLE campus rep, I have been able to share the women’s stories and get others interested in making a difference with me. I am completely honored to be a part of such an incredible, strong and giving program. Also, did I mention that I am obsessed with my Tigist leather clutch? Check it out!   {To learn more about our Campus Rep program, please click here.}