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I Need Africa: a collaboration with Mocha Club.


We've told you about Mocha Club before... the non-profit Barrett founded that supports development work in Africa. fashionABLE was actually born out of their economic freedom project area! We just teamed-up for the #blogABLE trip last month, and now there are a couple of new products we've collaborated together to launch with their newest campaign. While living in Ethiopia in 2008, when the idea for fashionABLE was conceived, Barrett also wrote a journal that became  "I need Africa". Born out of a sleepless night, the thought of “I need Africa more than Africa needs me” (INA) was keeping him awake, and he had to put this feeling into words.

INA products

fashionABLE and Mocha Club created an exclusive scarf and pocket tee to further tell the story of “I need Africa”  -- challenging the perception that Africa needs only our pity & charity, and instead seeing to reveal the truth that its people have much to offer. The scarf and the pocket (crafted from a fashionABLE scarf) are made by Africans who have been given new opportunity. These products symbolize the heart behind INA: that Africa, with all its need, has much to give & teach us.

Both products are available in the Mocha Club store, or are being given as a FREE incentive for joining Mocha Club as a monthly supporter! Check out the I NEED AFRICA page to learn more.

INA scarf: fashionABLE + Mocha Club