leather by fashionABLE.


leather by fashionABLE launch 08.07.13

This is an exciting day for fashionABLE. Far more than (an incredible) new product line, it is more opportunities created. It's the paradox that has made fashionABLE so successful to date. While we will never lose our commitment to and mission for creating opportunity for Africans, we also are fully committed to high-quality, high-fashion products. Let me tell you, that's not easy. Choose one or the other is the predominant thinking. Either produce your products in high manufacturing countries and give away profits, or create products in the developing world to give jobs but make inferior products. But our team's strength is in its resolve, and they are committed to serious solutions to poverty… creating opportunity, not charity. And it's working. A reflection of that? Our leather launch is starting with a clutch, an iPad case, and a wallet. They are beautiful – we are very proud. We formed a partnership with Modern Zege, a company that is employing 40 women out of 70 employees, believing in the empowerment of women. With this partnership, we have started an initiative to strengthen companies who have fair wage and hiring practices for women. By strengthening those businesses, we use economic leverage to promote social change. Let me explain - we want to help build those business that believe in and act on equality of opportunity and income. As we grow, they grow, and so does the impact on women. Rest assured, your purchase still creates sustainable business in Africa. And, our main focus is creating new opportunities for women. Thank you for being a part of this. Barrett