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Courageous Moms Series: Achinalu.


As we lead up to Mother’s Day (on May 12!), we thought we’d highlight a few of the courageous moms that are a part of or who have been a part of our work. Because of your purchase, these women are ABLE to provide for their families and be the MOM they want to be.


Next... Anchinalu, who is ABLE to have peace in her life. (see her story here)

courageous moms anchinalu

“When I was 20 years old I came to Addis to live with my aunt because she promised to send me to school, but she did not. Instead, I worked as a maid and I was not happy at all. A woman who lived in my neighborhood dressed well, and that interested me. So she showed me I could work at a bar and be a prostitute. I had a baby, but my family took her from me because they didn’t want her to repeat my life style. // When I joined fashionABLE I changed my life. When my family saw this they gave my daughter back to me and now I now have great joy & peace in my life. This means a lot to me because now I can say there is a God who is for me.”

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