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Courageous Moms Series: Etanesh


As we lead up to Mother’s Day (on May 12!), we thought we’d highlight a few of the courageous moms that are a part of or who have been a part of our work. Because of your purchase, these women are ABLE to provide for their families and be the MOM they want to be.


Next... Etanesh, who is ABLE to see her son, Abel, grow in character. (see her story here)

courageous moms etanesh

“I moved to the city to live with my uncle and go to a better school, but he died and left me by myself. I got into prostitution because I was all alone and had no money. Everything was dark. I was abused and wanted to die, and prayed for God to take me out of this life. // I’ve never looked back at leaving because I am so happy now. I have found motivation to have my own business one day, and I want my son to grow and be in a good place. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me get this point”

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