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Courageous Moms Series: Genet.


As we lead up to Mother’s Day (on May 12!), we thought we’d highlight a few of the courageous moms that are a part of or who have been a part of our work. Because of your purchase, these women are ABLE to provide for their families and be the MOM they want to be.


First up... Genet, who is ABLE to embrace her role as a mother. (see her story here)


“I don’t remember my birth mother, and I was brought from the countryside into the city of Addis at age 3 by an aunt who promised my family I would have a “better life .” Instead, I was groomed to be a housemaid and given so many responsibilities that the load of work became impossible. By age 12, I ran away and began living on the street. I felt lost and I was continually raped . Eventually, I became pregnant . With a baby at 15, I learned to have sex for money so I could support her. I coped with life through drinking, drugs and smoking. // I enrolled in counseling to work through my addictions, my childhood trauma, and learn ways to reconnect with my now 7-year-old daughter. I am thankful to be working at fashionABLE where I am surrounded by friends who love me. I have a job that provides dignity, and I am now able to embrace my role as a mother to my two daughters.”

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