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Meet Frehiwot & Anchinalu



We introduced to you to our two new styles: Frehiwot and Anchinalu. Which of course means we get to share with you two new STORIES of women who have sustainable business now because of your purchase!

Meet Frehiwot (pronounced: fray-eh-watt)

My father and mother were separated when I was a kid so I lived with my father. One day my aunt came and asked permission from my father to take me with her to live in Addis Ababa. She promised to send me to school and raise me in a good way but everything was not as she said. After 6 years, I started thinking how to move out of this situation and I decided to work as a maid in another place. I met my husband and we had 2 children. For about 8 years we lived together and throughout those years I had a hard time with him. We got divorced and then I start facing the challenges alone and didn’t have any option to raise my children. One day one of my “friends” gave me advice to start a prostitution business and I was convinced by her idea. I rented a small room in Addis and started the business. Some days I went to my house without getting any money and wasn’t even able to feed my children. I eventually made the decision to beg for food that I would then bring home to my children. This was the biggest challenge in my life. The happiest day in my life is the day that I joined fashionABLE. It was a big moment for me because I didn’t like my previous work. Now I am able to provide for myself and my children.

Because of you I am ABLE to provide for my family.

Meet Anchinalu (prounced: ann-chin-ah-loo)

When I was 20 years old I came in Addis to live with my aunty because she promised to send me to school but she didn’t do it as she said. I then started serving her as a maid for about 7 years. At that time I was not happy at all and I missed my family because I hadn't seen them for about seven years. There was a woman who lived in my neighborhood and I noticed she was always dressed up well and I became interested by her style. She always offered me to work like her at the bar and one day I decided to try it to change my life fast & help my family. I started this work when I was 28 years old and kept working for 18 years.  I had given birth to a baby girl and I raised her for 3 years before my family took her from me because they didn't want her to repeat my lifestyle.

When I joined fashionABLE I had a lot of changes in my life and when my family noticed this change they gave my daughter back to me and I am very glad to have her again. I now have great joy & peace in my life. This means a lot to me because I know that in my past life I didn't even know who God was and now I can say there is a God for me.

Because of you, I am ABLE to have peace in my life.