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SOLD OUT for 2012!


*we have a few more of the Bezuayhu scarf left at the time this blog was published, but we expect those to be gone soon!

Well, the good news is we're sold out. And what that means for the women of fashionABLE is that we have created an incredibly high bar of sustainability. Continued sales creates continued demand to train and hire more women. Which means more women off the streets, more women ABLE to have a new choice!

The bad news is we're sold out.* We do our projections based on previous sales plus an increase. And, well, we exceeded those projections so above and beyond what we could have imagined! We even did a rush order a couple of weeks ago, with the expected ship date of December 14th to be shipped out to you. Those scarves have just arrived and are getting prepared to be sent out. But by the time sales had reached the levels that they did, even beyond Cyber Monday, it was too late to put in another order to get here in time.

But, the other good news is that we will have more stock in January! Many of your favorite styles & colors will be back. So CLICK HERE if you want to be notified by email of when we've got them -- we expect them to come in the first week of the year. In the meantime, check out the retailers near you that may still have some scarves in stock.

Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for helping us to create a massive amount of sustainble business for women in Africa this year!