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Meet Abeba!


We love when we  launch a new scarf style, because that means we also get to introduce you to a new woman's story! Abeba is a woman of hope -- she says it is what motivates her to grow. She looks back on her life before and sees it as very ugly and unhappy. She wasn't sleeping, having to adapt to all kinds of men who treated her horribly. Women at Risk found her on the street and offered her a chance at a new life. When presented the options for job training, she immediately picked weaving, and is grateful for the chance to learn and develop her skills. More than anything, Abeba feels relieved and happy that she can now live a normal life. Read her story here.

The scarf that is named after her is one of our new favorites for fall. It is lightweight but has thicker, textured stripes scattered throughout, making it ideal for this season. It is currently available in 3 colors.