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fashionABLE on The Bachelorette!


It's no secret around these parts that we love us some Bachelor/Bachelorette. And, thankfully the feeling is mutual. Jillian Harris featured us in her Gift Guide this past Christmas, and Emily Maynard was spotted wearing a scarf in In Touch magazine this spring. When Emily took it up a notch by wearing her favorite Feleku (charcoal/ecru) on the premiere of The Bachelorette Monday night, we were stoked. Keeping us in the loop on all things television-and-fashion, our friend Dana at The Possessionista blogs about where you can get pretty much any amazing accessory or article of clothing you see on all of your favorite shows.  Here's her re-cap from this week's Bachelorette episode. (by the way, you should totally follow her blog if you don't already... she's hilarious and wonderful!) Want the scarf Emily wore in the episode? We've got a few more left in that charcoal color -- plus, the new version in dusty rose + palomino is perfect for summer. GET THE FELEKU SCARF!