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From Ethiopia: A Day in the Life.


We've told you about Kiely -- how she moved over to Ethiopia for a few months to help with fashionABLE operations.  We were curious what a typical day looked like for her there, so she's shared a few photos with us showing "a day in the life" -- living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia...

[the picture to the left is Kiely last weekend up on a mountain, with a shot of the city from above.]

this is Froto - the dog she shares with her roommates. he's always there to greet her at the gate when she comes home from work.

breakfast at Kiely's favorite cafe, La Pariseienne. it's right by her house, so she often stops in there on the way to work (and it's an excuse to get a chocolate croissant!) this whole breakfast costs less than $3!!

the fashionABLE office: Seble is working on the left -- she's a life-saver for Kiely because she speaks great English! (she says, without her, communication would be rough!) the other desk is Kiely's. the work place is super cheery with bright walls & open doors! // the photo on the right is the Women at Risk store -- where fashionABLE scarves & other items the women make are sold.

the outside of the fashionABLE headquarters -- inside is where everything happens... from dying the thread for the scarves to packing them up to be shipped to the states!

Stay tuned for more updates from Kiely and life in Ethiopia with fashionABLE...