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Our Spring Collection contains two new styles, the Saba and Feleku scarves. And new styles = new stories! As you know, each fashionABLE scarf style is named after a woman that the program supports. Not every woman involved with fashionABLE has to share her story, but they have the option to tell their story and have a scarf named after them if they choose to do so. This week, we introduce you to these two new women, brave enough to share their story, and proud to have scarves named in their honor! First up, Saba... Saba is a girl of gratitude. The life she grew up in seemed hopeless and hurtful, and she didn't think anything would ever change. But since coming to Women at Risk she feels empowered and equipped to have a new life.  She's most thankful for the one-on-one counseling she's received, and that she is now reconnected with her family. She doesn't take for granted the new hope and skills she has, and is so thankful to be working with fashionABLE... she is now ABLE to feel pride in her work. Read more of Saba's story...  

[ Check out the beautiful Saba scarf here ]