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Meet Kiely.


Kiely is moving to Ethiopia next week for a few months to work with fashionABLE on the ground. She'll be able to tell you more about what is going on with the women that are supported by your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf! We thought you should get to know her a bit... so, meet Kiely: What are you going to be doing with fashionABLE in Ethiopia? I'll be a communications liaison and production process consultant on the ground. This is to help ensure high product quality, timely shipping and efficient processes, and- since it’s Africa- whatever else comes up along the way! Why did you decide to do this? Well there are a lot of reasons, but the short answer is because it lines up with perfectly with my beliefs/passions/interests. Also, I love the redemption of the program at Women at Risk: women who have seen their profession as a necessary last resort and now are empowered to go in a better direction. What are you most excited about living in Ethiopia? I love new places, so just discovering the city in general, and meeting new people-- including (of course) the people from Women at Risk. If you could have a pen pal, who would it be? What a good question. Snail mail is so underrated--there's nothing like getting a good, old fashioned letter. I guess if I was picking one person, it would be my sister. She has visited Addis before, so that would make it even more special. What is your guilty pleasure? I LOVE naps. And I don't take them very often so it feels even more like a guilty pleasure. Do you have any hidden talents? I wish! I'm still hoping I'll discover one someday... What's something on your "bucket list"? Well, one thing was moving to Africa, so there's a check on the bucket list! A couple that are still on there: visiting Iceland and fixing up an old house. Favorite books? I love reading, so this is hard. Right now I'm reading Cutting for Stone which I'm loving because it's about Ethiopia, and I'm getting some insight. I also love Blue Like Jazz, Mountains Beyond Mountains, and A Thousand Splendid Suns. And Harry Potter, of course.  

We can't wait to keep you guys updated with Kiely's adventures in Ethiopia with fashionABLE... stay tuned!