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THANK YOU to everybody who ordered scarves during our big sale yesterday!  Though the sales for this season are over, you can continue to WRAP UP the rest of your holiday shopping right here at fashionABLE.
You all bought a ton of scarves, so we are backordered while waiting for our next shipment from Africa.  Be sure to check your favorite product pages to see when they will ship.  All products (with the exception of Dember) are still guaranteed by Christmas!
And make sure you check out the GIFT WRAP options...  You can choose a "Self Gift Wrap" that comes with a flat box for you to put together yourself, or the "Gift Box with Message" that can be customized and shipped directly to the recipient!

It's never too late to give fashionABLE gifts.  We are ABLE to give back this holiday... and look good doin' it.